As you might have noticed, there are two overviews from which you can follow up on your deals. Next to the list view there's also a kanban view in which we allow you to literally ‘drag’ a deal from one phase to the next or mark them as won or lost. This way, you’ll never lose track of an important lead. Read everything about the kanban view here.

What are the advantages for your business?

  • Increase of productivity and efficiency when it comes to processing your deals

  • Get a clear and instant overview of what needs to be done & by whom

  • Check how many deals are currently in each phase (the number between brackets)

  • Search within your deals immediately via the magnifying glass in the top left corner. Here you can search on deal title, customer and deal number

  • Next to the magnifying glass you can filter your kanban view on deal pipeline

  • Next to the pipeline you'll find a filter on the status of your deal:

    • All deals

    • Open deals

    • Won deals

    • Lost deals

  • Filter on your own deals or those of a colleague with the 'Assignees'-filter
    • If you have between 1 and 5 users in your account the avatars of your colleagues will be shown next to each other 
    • If you have over 5 users in your account you'll see a multi-select drop-down list of these users
  • Next to the assignee filter, you can filter your deals on 'Created date' and 'Close date', e.g. the previous quarter or a custom range of your choice.
  • Next, there are 3 easy smart filters to keep a clear overview. The number of deals is updated dynamically depending on the filter selected.

    • Without activity
    • Older than 3 months: based on the creation date of the deal + 3 months

    • Without closing date

  • The drag & drop functionality is incredibly time-saving, which accelerates your lead follow up

    • Change the phase of your deals from one phase to another

    • Deal automation. Create follow-up actions allowing you to immediately add a task, call or meeting linked to the deal after you've changed the deal phase

  • "Won" label on deals that are accepted versus "lost" label on deals that were lost
  • On the top right side you see the total amount of all deals for the selected overview
  • Check how much money is currently in each deal phase and each deal pipeline without having to consult segments, statistics, etc.

    • Revenue numbers are updated in real-time

You can always shift back and forth between both views - the list view or the kanban view - by clicking here in the top right-hand corner of your deal overview:

The kanban view will be the default view when going to deals. If you switch views, Teamleader Focus will remember your last preference. If you prefer to start on the list view, just switch back and Teamleader Focus will show you the list view first next time you click the Deals tab.