Did you receive the notification your payment failed? Here's what happens.

Credit card

If you pay by credit card, you will receive an e-mail if your payment was declined. Contact your bank or check your credit card details via the Teamleader Focus licence page if this is the case.

  • Click your image in the upper right corner of your account.
  • Select Manage licence.
  • Navigate to 'Payment method'.

Teamleader Focus will retry charging the amount again after 5 days. If still unsuccessful, a new mail will be sent and we'll have another go after another 5 days. 

If the payment comes through, you will receive a confirmation via mail. However, if the payment could not be charged after 30 days, the account will be suspended. This means users will no longer have access to the account.

Direct Debit

The same goes for payments via direct debit, except that it takes a few days to process direct debit payments. This means we only charge 2 times during a period of 30 days. You'll receive a reminder every 7 days instead of 5. The account will be suspended when the invoice is 30 days overdue.

If you have more questions regarding your invoices from Teamleader Focus, send a mail to invoicing.focus@teamleader.eu.