Our partner Combidesk developed a couple of integrations which allow you to integrate Teamleader Focus with the following accountancy tools:

What can these integrations do for you?

Every invoice you create in Teamleader Focus will be synchronised in a single click to your external bookkeeping software. After that, payment statuses will be updated in Teamleader Focus. Hooray for never again having to manually look for who paid what amount and when!

How does it work?

Click the link of the bookkeeping tool and then Support Centre for the manual on how to set up the integration and what needs to be done in your bookkeeping tool (Dutch only).

Ledger accounts

In Teamleader Focus, you will need to make sure that all ledger accounts from your bookkeeping software are added to Teamleader Focus. Do so via Settings - Invoices - Ledger accounts.

Contact synchronization

When an invoice is created for a company or contact in Teamleader Focus, they will automatically be created as a contact in the external tool - that is to say, if they have not already been synchronised before that.

Do note that the synchronization can only be completed if an email address is linked to the contact or company for which you have made the invoice. In other words, just the mail address where the invoice is sent is not enough. An address will also have to be filled in in the settings of the CRM:

Pricing and support

You can make use of a 30-day trial period at Combidesk. After that, the integration is 12 euros per administration per month (or 10 euros per month in a yearly licence).

For questions concerning the integrations, please contact support@combidesk.com, or start a chatsession via the homepage.