Is your company going to be at a trade fair? Don’t forget to use Teamleader Focus to get the most out of it. Keep reading to discover all our tips!

Before the fair

Create a segment of the customers or prospects you would like to talk to and inform them using our email marketing tool integrations. Do you prefer sending an invitation via post? Export the addresses or download labels using the ‘actions’ button. 

During the fair

Make sure you have a laptop or tablet with a landing page that automatically creates a contact and deal in Teamleader Focus, so colleagues that are staying in the office can follow up immediately. If you use Zapier, you can even have the deal source filled in. This way you can easily create a list of the deals that resulted from this fair using segments. Zapier also allows you to add an opt-in to the landing page, so you can send mailings afterwards.

Did you only manage to get a business card? Use our app to scan it and immediately register your visitor’s contact information in Teamleader Focus. 

After the fair

If you didn’t use a landing page during the fair, you can also import the contact information to Teamleader Focus afterwards. Don’t forget to add a tag to the import mentioning the fair, so you know where you talked to this person. 

Use this tag to create a segment of the visitors of your booth, so you can send out mailings. Do keep the GDPR rules in mind though!

Finally, use our deal statistics to find out exactly what you got out of this fair.