There are a lot of ways to generate leads, one of those is embedding a form in your website. Instead of having to copy each form submission to your CRM, you can link these two directly and even choose to automatically create a deal while doing so. We call these kind of integrations ‘Web2Leads’ and we offer multiple possibilities regarding the kind of form you’re using and the fields you want to export to Teamleader Focus.

Contact forms - Important note

Instead of having to use one of our Web2Lead integrations offered in our Marketplace, we have our very own integrated contact forms in Teamleader Focus. Read all about it here. The advantages of using these contact forms over our Web2lead integrations are:

  • Lead capturing in one central place: manage everything in one place, and all leads from the contact form are stored within your Teamleader Focus account
  • Easy set-up: you don't need a designer or technical expertise to customise your forms
  • Map custom fields: fields to be filled in on the form can be linked to your custom fields in Teamleader Focus (this is not possible by default via the Web2lead integrations)
  • Bye bye duplicates: if the same contact or company fills out the form twice, than these values are recognised (<-> other Web2lead forms don't recognise doubles)

General Web2Lead integrations

In the past, we developed integrations for the most well-known form applications. You can install these directly from our Marketplace by following the steps described in these articles:

How To: Create Web2Lead forms with Jotform

How To: Create Web2Lead forms with Unbounce

How To: Create Web2Lead forms with Wufoo

How To: Create Web2Lead forms with Formstack

How to: Using Wordpress with Teamleader Focus

However, these integrations have two downsides:

1) It’s not possible to activate the opt-in field automatically, which means that you have to edit each contact/company created through your form in order to activate their opt-in (article opt-in)

2) It’s not possible to synchronise custom fields, which means you can only sync information between default fields in your form and in Teamleader Focus (Name, phone number, email address,...)

Zapier Web2Leads

In February of 2019, we launched our integration with Zapier, that also allows you to connect your forms to Teamleader Focus. The advantages of this integration are the following:

  • Zapier is extremely user friendly and requires little to no developing skills
  • Zapier offers integrations with more form application than our standard integrations
  • Zapier allows you to activate the opt-in of contacts and companies created through your form
  • Zapier allows you to synchronise custom fields

The only ‘downside’ to using Zapier is that multi-step zaps (f.e. Creating a contact, company and a deal from one form submission) requires a paying account. However, one-step zaps are completely free and a paying Zapier license also gives you the freedom to integrate other applications your using next to Teamleader Focus (f.e. Gmail and Dropbox).

This is why we want to leave the choice to you as a customer. If you were to have any difficulties whilst integrating one of the options above, you can always reach out to our support team.