With Teamleader Focus, you can split up projects into bigger phases and smaller tasks. Phases are represented on a roadmap, but you can check all linked tasks in a downloadable Gantt chart. 

To create a Gantt chart:

  1. Navigate to your project
  2. Make sure you have a few different phases with linked tasks
  3. Click on the Project info tab in the header
  4. Go to 'Progress'
  5. Click on Gantt chart 

  6. A .png file will be generated showing you an overview of:
    • the start date of the project 
    • the end date of the project
    • phases with linked tasks
    • green dot = closed phase(s)
    • blue dot = unfinished but still on time phase(s)
    • red dot = unfinished and overdue phase(s)
    • blue bar = open tasks that are still on time
    • green bar = finished tasks
    • red bar = open but overdue tasks

If you’d like to know more about the remaining time and how much time you should still have in an ideal scenario, you can always have a look at a burndown.

Another feature that comes in handy are project reports. They give you a detailed overview of planned and spent budgets, how much time each co-worker tracked on tasks and meetings, and the products that were ordered. This information is really useful to improve time and budget estimates, which helps you create stronger Gantt charts.