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Here is what we will go over:

  • Adding leads

  • Email campaigns

  • Following up on leads

Adding leads

LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network and a great opportunity to get in touch with leads. 

Teamleader Focus' integration with LinkedIn allows you to add connections to your Teamleader Focus account in just one click. Moreover, when you check out a LinkedIn contact page, you will receive a notification in case there have been updates to the profile that aren’t yet registered in Teamleader Focus.

Business card scanner

When you’re out networking, you meet tons of interesting people and gather lots of contact details. What if your sales team wouldn’t have to wait to add leads and contacts until they got home and finally found the time to add them manually? Just scan business cards to add them on the spot with our mobile app!


Another quick and efficient way to gain leads is by web forms. Have potential customers fill in a short form with personal data on a specific landing page, and link this form directly to your Teamleader Focus CRM via Web2Leads.

Teamleader Focus has integrations with several Web2Lead providers for your Drupal or Squarespace pages. But if you have a Wordpress website, you can create a form from scratch with the Teamleader Focus plug-in in Wordpress.

Email campaigns

E-mail marketing is still a vital part in most marketing plans. Teamleader Focus offers integrations with several e-mail campaign tools that allow you to provide leads with the right content to get them over the hump and become customers.

How does this work? In Teamleader Focus, you can easily segment your contacts or companies according to any number of parameters. Whether it be geographical, by deal phase they are in, or by age; these segments can be pushed to your marketing tool for you to send your campaigns. Just activate the slider in the segment settings.

Afterwards, you can check mailing data such as bounced email addresses, or when and how often a contact opened your mail in the tracking of every contact via the mailings tab in the contact module.

When a recipient opts out, they are automatically scratched from the list and will no longer receive mails. You can exclude contacts from a segment / mailing list yourself by making sure the ‘Opt-in marketing mails’ is unchecked.

Find more info the Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor integrations via these links:

Follow up


Remember the segments we were talking about? Tags are another great way to sort your contacts and companies. Like post-its, tags are short pieces of information you can easily assign to contacts. 

A tag might be ‘Hot lead’, for example, or when you’ve organised an event, create a tag ‘Event X 2018’, and assign it to every lead you gained at the event. This in turn will allow you to segment more easily in order to follow-up on them for marketing purposes and stats about the event.

Pro tip: bulk actions

If you need to add tags in bulk to entire segment in your CRM, you can do so via the ‘Actions’ button, which will appear as soon as a segment is created. Do note you need admin rights for this.

For any other bulk action in your CRM, you can export data to make the changes in Excel, and import the file again afterwards. Click the link to find out more.

Custom fields on deal level

When adding deals, the standard fields you can fill in might not suffice for your organisation. Add your own extra custom fields to further personalize your account. 

In a production company, for example, deals may require a different focus according to the type of product. Create a dropdown list, add all products so you can select these when creating a deal.

Pro tip 

Use your segments on deal level to customize the view in the deal statistics. The deal stats provide a funnel report, the time it takes on average for leads to go to the next phase, and plenty more.

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