The multi-currency functionality in Teamleader Focus allows you to deal and invoice in a foreign currency, while keeping the overview of your business in your own currency. Do you want to know how this affects your invoicing insights? Keep reading to learn more about it.



By navigating to Insights > Invoices you’ll be able to see the total revenue of your invoices for the period you selected in the top right corner. Read more about the insights on invoices here.

Important to know is that even if some invoices are in a different currency, you will still have a correct statistical overview on your revenue. Note that these statistics – just like the targets - will always be shown in your default currency. All individual currencies used on your invoices will be converted to this currency. So if the currency of your own company in Teamleader Focus is euro, then the invoicing statistics will show the total revenue of your invoices in euro. This is why we save the currency exchange rates for every invoice and convert them in the background to your main currency.


Another way to view some statistics on your invoices in Teamleader Focus is by navigating to ‘Invoices’ and clicking on ‘Mini-stats’ in the bottom right corner:

  • Click on the PDF-symbol next to ‘Statistics’
  • Select a period
  • In the ‘Overview turnover’ you’ll see some stats ‘per customer’ showing you the total amount of invoices per customer. Whatever currency this customer uses, the total amount will be converted to the amount in your base currency.


A third way for you to create an overview of your invoices is by exporting them to Excel and applying some filters.

  • The invoices will be exported to Excel with an extra column mentioning the currency used on the invoice
  • The amount of the invoice will always be shown in the foreign currency and is not converted to your base currency. This way, you can create overviews in Excel per currency
  • In the near future we’ll also add a column with the applied currency exchange rate.


Do you quickly want to see how much revenue a certain segment of your invoices will give you? Then there’s a way to do this without using the insights, the mini-stats or the export to Excel function:

  • Go to ‘Invoices’
  • Create a segment
  • Below your list of invoices, the total amount of these invoices will be converted to the total amount in your base currency.