Before you started using Teamleader Focus, you probably already collected plenty of documents and other data; invoices, ongoing deals, timesheets, etc. Instead of losing time importing them manually, most of these can be imported into your Teamleader Focus account via bulk actions.

To do an import, you'll need an Excel or CSV-file. Fair enough, but what data can be imported? By whom? And what are the requirements for the file itself? You'll find out in the table below.

The table lets you know:

  • Whether a certain module can be imported
  • Whether the import can only generate new items or also update existing ones
    • If the import can't update existing items e.g. for projects, then it's still possible to manually change imported items afterwards (e.g. make changes in the project)
  • Who executes the import: our Support-team or the customer
  • What fields the import file can & should contain

ModulePossibility to importPossibility to updateWho's in charge?Fields to be imported


CallsYesNoSupportHow to: Importing calls into Teamleader Focus
Companies & ContactsYesYesCustomerHow to: importing contacts and companies to Teamleader Focus
DealsYesNoSupportHow to: importing deals into Teamleader Focus
Orders    No

Order confirmationsNo

Delivery notesNo

ProjectsYesNoSupportHow to: importing projects into Teamleader Focus
InvoicesYesNoSupportHow to: importing invoices into Teamleader Focus
SubscriptionsYesNoSupportHow to: Importing subscriptions to Teamleader Focus
Credit notesNo


ProductsYesYesCustomerHow to: Importing products into Teamleader Focus
TimesheetsYesNoSupportHow to: Importing time tracking into Teamleader Focus
ActivitiesYesNoSupportHow to: Importing activities into Teamleader Focus