Personal data is everything that can lead to identify a person.

  • Name and surname

  • Phone number

  • Home address

  • Gender and nationality

  • Bank details

  • Medical information

  • Any data regarding personal interest and orientation

  • An email address such as

  • Website behaviour

  • Identification card numbere

  • Location data

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address

  • Cookie ID

  • Advertising identifier of your phone (i.e. a unique ID for each mobile device ad networks use to serve targeted ads)

Note: Also photos count as personal data, so you cannot simply share pictures without people’s consent.

Please note that there’s a special category of personal data: sensitive personal data. For example, this includes medical information, data about a person’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or genetic and biometric data (e.g. fingerprint). Financial data isn’t considered sensitive data. If a company processes sensitive data, additional security and technical security measures must be taken.