In a world filled with emails, inboxes and spam you may want to save and track the most important communication from your customers or suppliers. That is why Teamleader Focus developed five ways to track your incoming and outgoing emails directly to your desired contact, company, deal or project.

The five ways to track emails are:

  • Gmail plugin
  • Outlook add-in (Office 365 Outlook)
  • Outlook plug-in (Outlook 2013 and higher)
  • IMAP/Teamleader Focus inbox
  • Sending email in bcc

Do you prefer to watch our instructive video first? You can do so right here:

Gmail plug-in

Please take a look at this specific article. Here you will find everything for the successful use of the plugin in combination with Teamleader Focus.

Outlook add-in and Outlook plug-in

You can either download the Outlook plug-in on your computer (Windows) or you can install the Outlook add-in.

  • The Office 365 add-in: Please take a look at this specific article. Here you will find all the necessary information to successfully use the add-in. You can only use this integration if you have an Office 365 account.

    You don’t have an Office 365 account but you use Outlook? Then you can use this integration:

  • The Outlook 2013 (and higher Outlook versions) plug-in (* desktop version only): In this article you will find all the necessary information to successfully use the plug-in. This plug-in is not compatible with Mac.

In case you don't have Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, you can use IMAP:

IMAP/Teamleader Focus inbox

If you do not use Gmail or Outlook but want to save e-mails within Teamleader Focus, you can get started with our IMAP connection. This connection copies your inbox to a Teamleader Focus inbox. Establishing the connection will enable you to see the last two weeks of emails from your mailbox in Teamleader Focus. You can then opt to save them with the associated contact or company. This link does not connect e-mails to the right contact or company automatically.

  1. Navigate to your user icon in the top right corner and click on “Integrations/Marketplace
  2. Search for “Imap” in the search field
  3. Choose “Imap” and click “Add
  4. Grant access to the services which are required, such as your agenda, e-mail address and contacts
  5. Enter IMAP server, username, security protocol and your password. If you do not know these, please ask your IT manager.
    Note: most email providers use standard SSL encryption. Enter your password to test the connection
  6. Click “Save

Now IMAP is installed we can start using the email tracking:

  1. Navigate to “Contacts” or “Companies
  2. Select the contact or company you want to track the email to
  3. Click on Email tracking next to “Activities"
  4. Click on the “IMAP” button in the top right-hand corner

  5. Select the correct email and click “Save
  6. Now Teamleader Focus will track this specific email of the contact or company. It is therefore important that you start from the page on which you want to store the email

Sending email in bcc

Every Teamleader Focus account has a unique forwarding address that comprises tracking.

  1. Go to “Contacts” or “Companies”.
  2. Scroll down to “Activities” and click on Email tracking next to it.
  3. You can find the link of this personal Teamleader Focus inbox in the black box.
  4. Use this email address as a blind carbon copy (bcc) when sending emails, then a copy is sent straight to this Teamleader Focus inbox.

Follow the next steps to find the email you’ve sent and tracked:

  1. Navigate to “Contacts” or “Companies
  2. Select the contact or company you’ve have sent a mail to
  3. Click on Email tracking next to “Activities”. 
  4. Now you will see that the email you’ve sent is also available in your Teamleader Focus inbox. You can still opt to link this to the correct person or to remove them from your Teamleader Focus inbox. This will not have any effect on your personal inbox.

Note: Most email programs can set a standard bcc address. If you then enter your Teamleader Focus tracking email address here, all of your sent e-mails should automatically end up in your Teamleader Focus inbox. Afterwards you are still free to choose which e-mails you want to save and which you want to remove again. E-mails in your Teamleader Focus inbox are always available for two weeks.