Before continuing, first consult this general article about exporting invoices from Teamleader Focus.


In addition to the usual parameters, there is 1 extra parameter for exporting to Venice: Booking date: here, you enter the end of the quarter of which you are exporting invoices.


For example, for quarter 4 of 2013 (1/10/2013 to 31/12/2013), this is "31/12/2013". This also means that you can only export 1 quarter at a time to Venice.

Importing customers

Go to the customer screen by selecting Basic data - Customers. Next, select Extra - Import. For the data file, select "Output customers.txt" and, for the descriptive file, "Output customers.cli". At Actions, indicate "Formal testing" and "Add", and at "From item", enter 1.

Importing invoices

Go to the invoices screen by selecting Start - Accounting - Sales. Next, select Tools - Import: Text file. As the data file, select "Output.txt" and, for the descriptive file, select "Output.cli". For actions, indicate "Formal testing" and "Add", and at "From item", enter 1.

If there are error notifications, this will likely be because codes for journals or the entry date were not specified correctly. If something is not clear, contact our support department.

Interested in syncing your invoices to Venice immediately rather than exporting them? Then check out this integration Billit developed.