• What reporting is needed?

If you're working on and managing a project, there are several ways to create reporting of a project, which in turn will help you manage it and maintain an overview at all times.

Project report

You can export a project report into different formats (excel and pdf).

Work breakdown

The work breakdown page allows you to make clear estimates of the required work per project phase and allows you to keep your projects perfectly under control. Add tasks and meetings to your project here.

Budget Spent

You can find this functionality under the 'Project info' tab in the header of your project. 'Budget spent' on a project displays your customer's budget and how much billable hours are spent. Budget management on projects is a way to keep track of the predetermined budget you and your customer have agreed upon. By allocating resources and estimating time on billable tasks & meetings, you'll know if you are going over budget.


You can find this functionality under the 'Project info' tab in the header of your project. Each project visualizes its profit by giving an overview of the costs you've incurred in relation to the revenue of the project. Read more on profit on projects! 

Time tracking overview

Next to your profit, you'll see the section "Time tracked". When you click on the button "Details", you'll get an overview of all time tracking linked to this project.


Within the project, you can see the roadmap split up per phase. You can find this functionality under the 'Project info' tab in the header of your project.

Project overview

When you navigate to the list overview of all projects, you can change the view mode by clicking on the cogwheel in the right hand corner. You can then add the columns 'Spent budget', 'Remaining budget' and 'Forecasted budget' example, to see how much budget was spent and how much you still have left. Adding the column 'Budget status' will allow you to see in the blink of an eye if you went over budget or not.
You can, of course, also add different columns which are of interest to you.

Cross-projects timeline

From your project list overview, you can easily switch to the cross-projects timeline. The cross-projects timeline provides you with a visual timeline overview of all your projects. It lets you continuously evaluate how occupied your business is and shows you which projects need your attention. 

The email integration of Teamleader Focus also offers the option to link emails directly to a project and you also have the option to import your old projects.

That's it! You're all set for projects now. Click here for all articles on how to get started with Teamleader Focus.