• How do you create it?
  • Which parts should it contain?
  • What should the layout look like?

There are two ways to get started with quotations. You can either go to the quotations module in the sidebar and start creating your first one by clicking on Add quotation, or you can go to the deal page you want to create a quotation for and click on the plus icon > Quotation next to 'Follow up on your open deal'. When you start creating your quotation, you have the option to add products, subtitles, long descriptions and discounts. It might be handy to create or import products, even if you do not have goods in the classical sense.

In this way, you do not have to add the name and price per unit every single time. Instead you can search on name or ID and let the rest be autofilled, as you can even add long descriptions and translations to the products up forehand. This means you can save time when creating the actual quotation - yet another way to work smarter. Creating multiple quotations per deal is a handy feature too if you want to offer different options to your customer.

But we would not be Teamleader Focus if it stopped here. You can even work with deal templates, send quotations in different languages or calculate the total amount of your quotation in a different currency.

For the layout of the quotation, Teamleader Focus offers a basic example template which can be altered and updated under Settings > Custom layout so that you have the opportunity to use your own house style. In case you need different kinds of quotations, you should have a look at this article. Also good to know, is that you can add your general terms and conditions not only to invoices, but also to quotations.

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