When exporting contacts from your phone, you'll often end up with a vCard file instead of an Excel or .csv file, which you need to import contacts and companies into Teamleader Focus.

You can, however, convert this vCard file into a .csv file. Read on to find out how!

1. Convert vCard file to CSV

You can use this website to convert vCard files to CSV files. The title of the new file should be structured as follows: CSV, semicolon, header line, Unicode (UTF-8)

2. Change the encoding of the file

In order to convert the encoding of the file, you'll need to open it in notepad++ and change the encoding from "UTF-8 with BOM" to "UTF-8".

3. Find and replace the quotes

Carry out a find and replace operation and replace ’ (backquote) by ' (single quote). Then, save and replace the file.

4. Open the file in Excel

Now open this file via Excel, delete the non-necessary columns and change country names to ISO codes.

5. Do the actual import

When your file is ready to be imported, you should read this article first before you proceed. You can then carry out the import on contact level.


  • Merge criterion should be the name.
  • Companies without a related contact will be ignored when doing the import on contact level.