You’ve built your own integration with Teamleader Focus? Great! Why don’t you share your hard work with other companies, so they can benefit as well?

Teamleader Focus' Marketplace gives you a channel to connect with more than 15 000 other SMEs in over 6 countries, so why not share your integration on there?

Submitting the integration for review

On our ‘Build’ page, you can submit your integration for review. Before doing so, please make sure that your 'Build' page and your integration meet all requirements below:

  • You want the integration to be public on the Teamleader Focus Marketplace;
  • The integration is a Cloud solution, which is easy to access and can be installed within a couple of clicks; 
  • You've added a clear description in English and one other language of your choice;
  • You've provided a link to the developer's website;
  • You provide support in the local language of the customer;
  • You've provided a link to a support or contact page to allow users to reach out to someone when they need help;
  • You've provided a link to a related support article and help users find the information they need.

Once we've received your request for publication, we’ll get in touch with you to test and evaluate your integration and see if it’s fit for publishing to the larger public.

Requirements before publishing

Before actually publishing the integration we will also request you to: 

  • Send an invite for a permanent user in the test account of your integration so that our support team can access the integration you implemented; 
  • Include a screen recording including the steps the customer will need to take to connect the 2 applications (format mp4) and send it to;
  • Accept our Teamleader Focus Marketplace Terms.