Is your team growing? Awesome! To add colleagues to your Teamleader Focus account, you'll have to buy a user licence before you can add a user via your settings.

This article tells you how to buy those user licences, to actually add and set users via your settings, read this article.

  1. Go to your profile in the top right corner and select Manage licence.
  2. You'll see the details of your Teamleader Focus subscription.
  3. Below 'Your yearly/quarterly package', click on Manage users > Add users.

  4. The amount you’ll have to pay depends on your subscription. The price will be calculated pro rata, meaning that you will only have to pay the remaining amount due until the next renewal of your subscription. When you select your number of user licences, the amount will be calculated.
  5. Click on Add users.

For example:

My Teamleader Focus licence will renew in two months. I want to buy an extra user licence (to create a new user). A new user licence costs 15 euro per month (yearly licence). Since I will renew in two months, I only have to pay 30 euros (VAT excl.) right now. With my next renewal, the full price of the extra user licence will be charged.

You'll receive a confirmation that the user licence was added and you are good to go and add the extra user! 

Note that due to this automation it is not possible to add temporary user licences (for example user licences for only one month). The purchase will be executed for at least the remaining period of time until the next renewal of the subscription.

If you're on a GO, MOVE or BOOST package and looking how to add additional Beyond users for the Lead capture Booster, read this article.