When you set up your template for invoices under Settings > Document layout > Invoices, and you download our example template, you'll see the shortcode $LEGAL_NOTES$.

This shortcode will be replaced by the according VAT rule. Some VAT rules will be defined by default. The VAT rule will be displayed within your invoice under the articles:

In this example, the VAT rule is: exempt from Belgian VAT - art. 44, paragraph 2, 4 WBTW. This value would then be filled in in the shortcode $LEGAL_NOTES$.


  • You can also edit the VAT rules by clicking on the pencil next to the VAT rule.
    Note: When the editing of booked invoices and credit notes is disabled in your account, you can't edit the VAT rules anymore.
  • Not only do you have the option to change the VAT rule, you can also set the new rule as default for this VAT Rate by switching the slider "Make this the default rule" to "Yes".
  • Under Settings > Invoices > Extra VAT rates, you also have the option to create your own VAT rate. By clicking on "Advanced options", you can also define a new VAT rule which will then be shown on your invoice in case you use the shortcode $LEGAL_NOTES$.
  • When creating a credit note from your invoice, the shortcode $LEGAL_NOTES$ will display a reference to the linked invoice instead of the VAT rule: "This credit note is linked to invoice X"