It may occur that you complete a task, call or meeting that hasn't been scheduled yet. Logically, you'd like to track time for those as well. Not just to have your timesheets in order, but also to be able to invoice the time you dedicated to working for that particular customer.

Teamleader Focus allows you to easily track time spent on non-scheduled items as well. 

For tasks

There are two really simple ways to track time on tasks:

  1. Go to your Calendar > Tasks and click on the task you'd like to track time on. Choose Track time, it's not needed to finish the task first.
  2. Track time with our Time Trackerfunctionality
    • Click on the timer in the top right hand corner
    • Choose the task you want to track time on

For meetings and calls (and also tasks)

  1. Simply navigate to the Timesheets module and click on Add time tracking > Add single time tracking at the top right-hand corner of your screen or the timer symbol next to the day on which you performed the task, call or meeting.
  2. On the following screen, you can define the customer, date, hour, and very importantly, work type. When you open the list of work types, you will find all types you defined under Settings > Calendar in addition to the work types "Meeting" and "Phone conversation".
    1. When you select the type "Phone conversation", you'll be able to add the call outcome and the description, as you normally do when you finish a call.
    2. If you choose "Meeting" as type, you'll be able to fill in the date and hour and decide whether you'd like to add a meeting report, as you normally do when finishing a meeting.
    3. When you choose one of the work types, the pop-up screen will allow you to fill in a description for that task as well.