When the name of the company or contact is twice or more in the import file, Teamleader Focus offers you the option to merge them when doing the import.

  1. After having started the import (check here for more information), you will get 2 options for merging:

  • All of the following fields must be the same:

    If you choose one of these options the contacts/companies will be merged only if all these fields correspond. For instance, if you choose the option "Name, Zip Code", only companies that have the same name and the same zip code will be regarded as the same and will therefore be merged.

  • At least one of the following fields must be the same:

    This option is generally chosen if the file contains a lot of real double entries. In this case contacts/companies are merged if at least 1 of the chosen fields matches. If you choose for example "Email or Name", companies are merged if they have the same name or the same email address.
  1. After choosing one criterion, Teamleader Focus calculates how many contacts and companies will be added or modified. This way you can immediately see the influence of the chosen criterion.
  2. As soon as you are happy with the option, you click on Do import now to finish the import.