When you create a subscription, you have the option to book the invoice and have it sent to your customer automatically.

  1. To do so, you need to go to Settings > Invoices > Automatic reminders and add a new line by clicking the plus sign.
  2. Next to "Send" you should choose the option "On creation of invoice from subscription".
  3. You can then specify how it should be sent, and which template should be used.
  4. Go to the subscription you would like to send the invoices automatically from.
  5. Go to "Advanced Options".
  6. Set the slider “Autosend invoice” to “Yes”.
  7. Now, the invoices from this subscription will be sent automatically. The invoices are always sent in the night.

Note: When you create multiple subscriptions for the same customer with a same renewal date, the invoices will be merged and only one invoice will be sent. If you'd like to send a separate invoice per subscription, please reach out to our support team.