Web forms are a useful way to collect customer data. Use Web2Lead to automatically add all information leads enter to your Teamleader Focus account. This way, you can use customised questions on your web forms and make sure all data is registered properly. 

And there's more: for each form that is filled out, a new deal will be added to your CRM. This enables you to follow up on your leads quicker. All you have to do is add a Wufoo contact form to your website. 

Before starting, we would like to offer you the choice between our standard Web2Lead-integrations and our new integration with Zapier. The second one could offer you some important advantages. Read more about this in the following article.

How to set up your Teamleader Focus integration with Wufoo?

Navigate to Teamleader Focus' Marketplace or click on your profile picture in the right top corner > Integrations/Marketplace. Here you can use the search bar to find the Wufoo integration. If you want to discover other Web2Lead integrations, click on the "Web2Lead" category in the sidebar. To integrate Wufoo with your Teamleader Focus account, choose Add

Creating a form with Wufoo

When creating a form in Wufoo, there's a list of possible fields on your left. On the right, you can see a preview of all the fields you have used so far. Choose a single line text field for First Name and Surname, as the Name field cannot be split into two fields.

Linking new forms with Teamleader Focus

Once you've created your form, link it with your Teamleader Focus account. Go back to Teamleader Focus and navigate to the Integrations > open the settings from Wuffoo > connect new form and enter the form name. Below, you have the option to assign a co-worker, who will receive a notification whenever the form is filled in. Also, you can add a tag to new leads to segment them easily and enable the option to create a new deal for every submitted form.  

Save your form in order to view the Webhook URL that connects Teamleader Focus with your Wufoo account. Copy the link and go back to your Wufoo account for an overview of all your forms, using the Form Manager page. Click on the form you want to link and choose To Another Application > Webhook > Add Integration.

Enter your Webhook URL in the pop-up. You can skip the Handshake Key, but check "Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data" to prevent your web form from causing errors.

Click ‘Save’, then your Webhook is ready! Now all you need to do is to put your form on your website and your leads will go straight into Teamleader Focus!