Selling products to your customers? Then you’ll probably like to know how many of those you still have in stock when a customer asks for your services.

Let us start by telling you that Teamleader Focus offers a limited form of stock management. If you’re looking for an extensive way to keep count of all the articles in your warehouse, it is better that you think of integrating Teamleader Focus with an ERP or another stock management tool. In any case, keep reading, maybe it’ll do just what you’re looking for!

Activate stock management

Before you can start using the stock feature, you need to activate it in your account. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Products
  2. In 'Preferences', activate the slider next to Manage product stock

Assigning stock to a product

Go to Products and add or edit a product. You’ll see two new fields, ‘stock’ and ‘min. Stock’.

Let’s say I have 500 screws currently in stock. But I want to be notified if I’m running low on screws. So, I fill in 450 in the ‘min. Stock’ field.
NoteMake sure to fill out a value next to 'Stock', even if it's 0.

Now, when I create and book an invoice using more than 50 screws, since the stock will fall under 450, Teamleader Focus will send me a notification on the bell and an email to say that I just went below my minimal stock.

When you’ve replenished your stock again with new screws, you can edit the product and update the current amount.

Some things you need to know:

  • the amount of a certain product will only decrease when it is used on a booked invoice. Deals, work sheets, delivery notes etc. are not taken into account.
  • If you delete or credit a booked invoice, the stock will not be added up to the original amount again.


(This feature is not available in our GO or SMART packages) 

If you are working with products, you probably also have a supplier. Well, Teamleader Focus has an option to create ‘Orders’, to send to those suppliers. With it, you can add the products you need to replenish and send the order in pdf.

When your supplier has completely fulfilled your order, you can state so on the order notification itself. When you do so, the amount of stock of those certain products will automatically be replenished.

Note: Make sure there was a value filled out next to 'Stock' on your product (even if it's zero), otherwise the stock management feature won't work. 

Apart from orders, you can also work with order confirmations and delivery notes to get the whole process.