Having everything in one spot and being able to work smarter is our goal. That is why we offer you the option to import your activities in Teamleader Focus. By doing so, every action you ever made before using Teamleader Focus will be saved in the right place.

Note that your import file (CSV or Excel) should contain certain information and should be structured properly. You'll find more information on that in this article.

Once your file has the right form, simply send it to our support along with written consent. Our support team will then carry out the actual import.

Important notes:

  • Importing activities is an add-on operation only. This means that you cannot edit existing activity items but can only add new items. Apart from that, the import works the same way as a CRM import: the columns need to be matched with the right field and the option to undo the import is also available for about two weeks.
  • Be careful with special characters in your import file as some of them could break the file. 

Hint: It is also possible to import all the completed meetings you saved in your Google Calendar. To do so, you need to export your meetings from your Google Calendar into an ICS file. In order to find out how that works, just click here. Afterwards, you need to convert this ICS file into an CSV file. On this page you can find out how to do so.

Import file

Generally, activities can be imported for the following levels:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Products
  • Deals
  • Projects
  • Invoices

Note: In case you want to import activities of different levels, you need to deliver separate sheets per level, e.g. one sheet for invoice activities and one sheet for contact activities.

Mandatory columns

  • Title: Title of the action performed. If it is longer than one line, it will be cut off and the full text will be shown in the description of the item.
  • Field to match with an object:There are different options to match with an object
    • Custom field of the type number (for contacts or deals for example)
    • Project number
    • In case of companies: company name
    • Note: Matching on name is only possible when importing activities for companies.
  • Date: Date of the item. If this is not filled in, today's date will be used (recommended date format: yyyy-mm-dd; yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)
  • Activity type: You can choose one of the following options
    • Note
    • Email
    • Call
    • Meeting

Optional columns

  • Detailed description: Longer description of the action undertaken.
  • User: Active Teamleader Focus user who performed the action.