It is only possible to add one quotation per deal in Teamleader Focus, but you can offer multiple options to your client by editing your quotation layout. We have added a layout variant in our Template Gallery for this use case.

1. Edit your template or add an extra layout variation

Go to our Template Gallery and download variation 7. The price table of this variation contains subtotals per subtitle and has no grand total. Upload this template to your Teamleader Focus account or add it as an extra variation for quotations. You'll find out here how to work with more than 1 layout variation.

It is recommended to add it as a variation, as you'd probably want to also make quotations with end totals as well. 

Another option instead of adding a variation is toggling the following slider in the advanced options when creating a quotation. This way you can hide the grand total as well:

Note: this option will only hide the grand total when the shortcode including VAT is used on your template.

2. Create your quotation

Navigate to a deal and create your quotation. Add the products to your quotation and divide the different options via subtitles. You can add a subtitle by clicking the two T's next to your product:

Your product list will then look like this:

3. Send your quotation

On your deal page, go to the section 'Follow up on your deal'. Click on the 3 dots next to your quotation and choose Send to send the quotation to your potential client.

4. Feedback of the client

Your client will now check the quotation online and inform you which option he/she would like to choose. This can easily be done via the ‘Send email’ button in Cloudsign.

5. Adapt and resend your quotation

Edit the quotation according to your client's feedback and resend the quotation. Care to have the total on your layout this time? Choose a different layout variant that contains the end total before sending the final quotation to your customer. The layout toggle appears on top of the article table when editing the content of the quotation:

NoteAdapting your quotation could also mean changing the name of your quotation. Find out here how to do this.