There’s money to be found in ecology. And everybody knows: paperless is the future. Teamleader Focus is aware of this and accommodates this in some easy-to-use platforms. Thanks to these platforms, your stack of papers will decrease significantly.

One of those platforms is CloudSign - the perfect way to send online quotations and get your customer to accept them on the spot!

You will get to know everything about:

  • CloudSign setup
  • Sending the quotation(s)
  • View of the client
  • CloudSign availability & activity
  • Accepted quotation
    • In Teamleader Focus
    • For your client
  • Customisation options

CloudSign setup

Instead of sending the quotation to your lead via post, you can include a link in the accompanying email that leads to the CloudSign platform. This is how:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and click “Deals and Quotations
  2. Click on the “+” symbol next to “Email templates for quotations” to create a new one or click on a template from the list to edit
  3. Add the parameter #LINK somewhere in your email body. The parameter will change automatically to the sentence “view quotation online” once you send the email to your client
  1. Click “Save

Sending the quotation(s)

  1. Navigate to the deal page of the deal in question.
  2. Go to 'Follow up on your open deal'. Make sure that you created a quotation.
    NoteClick on the 3 dots > Preview on CloudSign next to your quotation if you want to see a preview of the quotation first before sending it your customer. 
  3. Click on the 3 dots next to your quotation and choose Send via email, or click on the button in the bottom-right hand corner and choose Send quotations if you want to send more than one quotation. Read everything about multiple quotations per deal here.
  4. The email address is filled in automatically but can be edited as you see fit.
  5. Below “Template”, you choose the template including the link you created earlier.
  6. Click on “Send quotation(s)”.

View of the client

When your client clicks the link 'View quotation online' in the email they received, they will be redirected to CloudSign.

NoteA quotation on CloudSign can be viewed (and signed) on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This is what your client sees:

Your client is able to:

  • Access all online quotations linked to the deal (read more about online availability here)
    • Accept (one of) the quotation(s) by signing it
      • When signing, your customer has to insert both their name and signature (by either drawing or typing) otherwise the 'Sign' button stays grey
      • When you have multiple quotations per deal, you can only accept one quotation per deal
  • Download the quotation as a pdf by clicking on Download
  • Ask questions about the quotation or give feedback by clicking on Send email
    • More information on where the feedback on CloudSign is sent to can be found here

CloudSign availability & activity

With multiple quotations, you can choose which quotations per deal you make available (online) or unavailable (offline) to your customer on CloudSign. Discover everything about CloudSign availability here.

The activity of your customer on the CloudSign platform is tracked and can easily be accessed by you. Learn everything about CloudSign activity here.

Accepted quotation 

If your customer chooses to sign (one of) the quotation(s), some actions are taken in Teamleader Focus. Your client also receives a confirmation email containing the signed quotation.

In Teamleader Focus

  • The responsible employee for the deal and the account manager of the company will be notified immediately of the accepted quotation by email and in Teamleader Focus.


    All account admins will also be informed of every accepted quotation by notification and by email, but only if the slider 'Notify me whenever a quotation is accepted' is enabled in Settings > Deals and Quotations > Preferences. Every admin has to enable this individually.

  • You’ll also see that the status of the deal is changed automatically to “Won”, and the quotation receives the label 'Accepted'. The accepted quotation will be at the top of the list as well:

  • This information is updated in the Activities of the deal.
  • You can find the signed quotation (and previous versions of the quotation) in the 'Files' section on your deal page.
    • Note: For the client's signature to appear on the quotation, you need to add one of the following shortcodes to your quotation template: 

      To make the legal validity of a signed quotation more prominent, we also store both the timestamp of the signature (shown in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)) and the IP address of the signer. Both will be displayed on your quotation if you use one of the three signature shortcodes mentioned above.

For your client

After accepting the quotation, your client will receive a 'Quotation sign confirmation' in their mailbox. This email includes a copy in pdf of the quotation with your client's signature, and mentions that in case of any issue your client can contact you.
Note: this email isn't customisable and differs from the 'Email after approval of a quote via CloudSign' which you can read about here.

Customisation options

You can also personalize your CloudSign environment and by extension all cloud platforms in Teamleader Focus. Read everything about it here